A good ERP system is a system reacting in a flexible manner to changing external and internal conditions, following trends and changing over time. This variability, justified in most cases by changing legal regulations, is considered as a “necessary evil” by the system users. How to break the common fear against novelties? Education and gradual adaptation to changes is a good method here. Showing the “new” in good light, making it possible to get acquainted and familiar with it enables breaking the initial ice. In the case of ERP systems, education plays a particularly important role. This is the case not only during system start-up, but also throughout its use.

biurko-z-laptopem-kubek-kawy-i-kalendarz_1112-145Webinars are one of the more effective methods of communication and delivering knowledge.

Our regular online meetings provide our customers with the opportunity of discovering new, previously unknown system functionalities. Such meetings are free and participation is less demanding and time consuming compared to traditional forms, making the events more interesting to potential participants. Participation in a meeting provides an opportunity to learn new topics, expand current skills, knowledge, to ask burning questions and get to know opinions of other participants, exchange experiences.

I would like to wholeheartedly invite those of you, who have not yet participated in our meetings. Past webinars are available for you as recorded materials. Interested people can contact the mentor or our general address biuro@cfi.pl.

Information about the date and topic of the next meeting can be soon found in the news and in your inboxes.

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