A modern, fully integrated solution which allows the company to be managed in a complex manner. Effectively supports stock taking and planning of all company resources. Optimises processes executed using the solution and allows more effective information management. Automates individual activities and facilitates continuous control over executed tasks. Contributes to improved efficiency of executed tasks, optimisation of expenses and lower costs, thus improving overall effectiveness. Provides the information required to make key decisions for the company.



Company efficiency is a result of the efficiency of the used system. VENDO.ERP users test its efficiency every day. They include real and actual record breakers.


users using the software simultaneously

1 700 000

warehouse files

1 500 000

documents issued during a year

1 700

invoices issued every day

12 000

warehouse operations per day

Data safet and protection

Access to information and system functions is possible on the basis of an expanded authorisation system.
Key operations performed by the users may be logged – person, date, time, operation name.
Database connection is encrypted using the SSL protocol.
Automatic generation of backup copies, at the requested time.

Conformity with effective regulations

Continuous system updates according to changing legal regulations, in particular related to taxes. Before changes are implemented in the system, a consultation with an expert, a tax adviser or another specialist relevant in the given situation takes place.

Pre-defined process

A rich set of pre-defined processes executed within the company.
Developed in cooperation with hundreds of companies. Takes into account the specifics of individual sectors, related requirements and needs.
Implementation of ready and proven solutions means lower costs and shorter times, both in terms of implementation and subsequent system updates.


Complex management using VENDO.ERP enables improved operation of the entire company, and thus obtained benefits are visible in various areas of company operation.


Efficient flow of information

Integration of all modules responsible for individual areas of company operation allows more efficient flow of information. Data is input into the system only once and then processed and made available to the staff on the basis of authorisations set up in the system. Quick access to information obtained from various areas of the company is a significant time saving for the staff and offers the management with the ability to ensure continuous control and make decisions quickly.

High work efficiency

Planning and ordering individual tasks allows much better work organisation and thus – improved efficiency to be achieved. Automatic reminders related to ordered tasks and approaching execution deadlines help with organisation of work of people responsible for task execution. Defined time and material standards, as well as continuous recording of execution and time help limit material waste and thus – improve efficiency.


High product quality

Integration with ISO quality systems enables management of projects, sales processes, production orders or servicing on the basis of procedures pre-defined within the company. Recording values with key influence on quality is extremely important here. Detailed information on good and faulty products, staff members executing specific tasks and execution duration of such tasks provide a source of valuable information, required within the decision-making process.

kaledarz i zegarek

Timely execution of tasks

Early order execution in terms of availability of materials required to execute the orders enables adequate planning of subsequent activities. Detailed planning ensures timely supplies of the required goods and materials, according to the needs of the company. Continuous control over executed processes, at all stages, means it is possible to react quickly and to verify individual activities. All these elements allow tasks to be executed timely and decrease the probability of delays.

mężczyzna i strzałki ikona

High flexibility

Solution complexity and compatibility of modules responsible for individual areas of management enable high flexibility, both in the decision-making process and in operations. Easy access to current information, the ability to forecast and simulate some situations and to correct the accepted plans, if necessary, or the currently executed tasks enables quick adaptation to changing conditions and circumstances.


Quick return on investment

Support for management in all basic areas of its operation and full system integration result in improved work organisation, time savings and better services quality. In addition to non-measurable values, this results in increased income and lower costs, first and foremost. The complexity of VENDO.ERP thus leads to improved effectiveness of activities not only of individual teams, but also of the company as a whole. The wide range of influence of the system and its positive impact on the results achieved by the company enables quick return of implementation costs.

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