is an independent human resources and payroll program supporting management of complex payroll and staff data. Enables operation of personal files for the staff, recording and printing job contracts and civil-legal contracts. Records work time and ensures full control over the due and used paid holidays. Dynamically calculates employment duration and verifies any settlement: payroll lists, absences and staff benefits.


It is fully integrated with the Płatnik program, the e-Deklaracje system and with electronic banking systems. Automates and significantly simplifies preparation of appropriate summaries and declarations for the Tax Office, Social Insurance Agency, National Health Service, Office of National Statistics and PFRON.


Ensures full conformity of executed processes with effective regulations, in particular related to labour law, as well as with tax regulations or regulations related to social or sickness-related benefits.


Integration of this solution with other VENDO.ERP methods ensures efficient flow of information and eliminates the need to enter data repeatedly, thus decreasing the number of mistakes.


  • generation and verification of the payroll and of the related settlements
  • defining rules covering obligations and ratios at which the Social Insurance Agency premiums are funded
  • management of staff files, register of civil-legal agreements
  • issuing and recording payroll and HR documents
  • e-Deklaracje (e-Declaration) support
  • ONS report support
  • settlements for owners, tax returns and Social Insurance Agency
  • access to reports, staff and financial/accounting summaries
  • export and import to and from the Płatnik software


  • more efficient and optimised executed HR processes
  • high reliability of data processing
  • precise calculations of the payroll and of the related settlements
  • lower error rates
  • shorter times and less labour-demanding preparation of reports for the purpose of internal and external reporting
  • paper documentation reduction
  • operational warranty according to effective regulations
  • low cost, electronic data transfer to authorities
  • enables controlling the level of paid holiday use
  • higher efficiency of the HR and payroll departments


is one of the elements of the complex VENDO.ERP system. Regardless of numerous options of cooperation with other modules, it is an entirely independent program and no other programs from the suite are required for its correct functioning and full use of its functionalities.

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