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is an effective and flexible solution supporting management of processes related to traffic maintenance. Dedicated to companies servicing machinery and devices and to production companies with their own traffic maintenance departments.


Maintaining the level of machinery and devices required to ensure smooth order execution is not limited to single, incidental actions. Traffic maintenance is a continuous process including not only corrective actions, but also preventive and foreseeing actions. Traffic management process support using VENDO.ERP takes into account not only the needs of the company, but also its actual capacities. It enables optimisation of individual activities related to maintaining availability of technical infrastructure of the company and guarantees its correct operation.


Maintaining machinery and equipment in correct technical condition and continuously ready for operation is the most obvious, but not the only one reason behind the executed traffic management strategy. Ensuring high level of reliability largely influences competitiveness of the company on the market. High quality of equipment operation ensures not only continuous production, but also adequately low level of faulty products. Timely execution of orders is a source of customer satisfaction and lower costs resulting from late deliveries. Effective machinery and devices guarantee work safety, first and foremost.


  • managing servicing procedures
  • defining order processing procedures
  • accepting servicing orders
  • maintaining a device (site) log, including full service history
  • order execution recording
  • continuous process control over its every step, from order acceptance until a sale document is issued.
  • settlements of income and costs related to the order
  • creation of order elements (components)
  • inspection planning


  • high reliability of equipment
  • ensured continuous production
  • high product quality
  • lower production costs
  • improved effectiveness
  • improved efficiency
  • work safety
  • activities related to effective standards, e.g. related to environmental protection


overlaps with other VENDO.ERP modules, mainly in the field of production, logistics and sales. Full module interaction and the resulting, smooth exchange of information and documents allows significant time and labour savings, and the potential results exceed the sum of results obtained by independent tools which do not cooperate.

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