is a modern and intuitively operated tool supporting complex processing of sales. Orders and automates individual operations and whole sales processes, enabling efficient management of customer relations. Full support of commercial transactions and continuous access to related documents and information minimises the risk of errors and related delays. Efficient and timely execution of orders enables improved effectiveness and quality of work of the sales department.

Data exchange

The option supporting electronic data exchange (EDI), order integration with B2B platforms, mobile systems and online stores allows more efficient and faster flow of information, positively influencing order execution times.

Conformity of the solution with effective standards and full responsiveness make use of the solution on desktop and laptop computers, as well as on tablet PCs and smartphones possible.

A B2B system is an effective method of managing customer relations, guaranteeing 24/7 customer access to the information.

A B2B system enables:

  • browsing the product offer
  • verifying product availability
  • accessing individual promotions
  • submitting orders and receiving information about the execution status
  • accessing own obligations, submitting complaints, service orders and price inquiries.


VENDO.ERP is a modern solution supporting widely understood customer relations. It is intended mainly for companies, for which creation and maintenance of correct relationships with the customer are important, not only until the sale, but in the long term view.

VENDO.ERP supports:

  • customer and contact person databases
  • task databases
  • attachments
  • time-tables, including resource sharing
  • marketing activities


Efficient flow of tasks, information and documents is important from the point of view of correct execution of customer service-related processes. It is particularly recommended to companies, in which several teams process orders submitted by the customers.

VENDO.ERP enables:

  • task assignments,
  • contact planning,
  • task execution monitoring,
  • deadline monitoring

All tasks, contacts and other planned events are visible in the calendar, in a transparent form.


VENDO.ERP allows flow and execution procedures to be defined for individual activities, tasks, documents and information contained therein.

Pre-defined, uniform procedures allow the adequate quality level of executed tasks to be maintained and largely simplify control procedures.

They result in potentially shorter times of individual activities and smaller numbers of things we forget about.

They guarantee easy and quick access to the desired information and allow clear identification of the person responsible for the particular task

Defining custom events and documents characteristic for operation of the given company allows full standardisation and largely facilitates execution of tasks.


Sale processes in VENDO.ERP are planned and executed on the basis of specific tasks, contacts and documents, according to the defined and previously accepted procedures.

This allows:

  • to improve the efficiency and quality of inquiry processing
  • continuous control of current matters and issues
  • evaluation of efficiency of sale activities of individual staff members and of the entire department
  • forecasting future income
  • increasing efficiency of inquiry processing procedures


VENDO.ERP enables planning and supervision of marketing activities aimed at specific customer groups:

  • price and magazine promotions
  • telemarketing
  • fair preparations
  • preparation and sending information materials



Adequate use of the system allows customer loyalty building strategies to be executed and improves competitiveness of the company in regards to offered products.


  • processing customer and supplier orders
  • optional partial execution and order cancelling
  • product reservations
  • specifying credit limits, payment deadlines and modes
  • group and individual price lists
  • individual discounts, periodic promotions
  • defining prices independent on the quantity (threshold prices)
  • automatic document generation (e.g. by sales or procurement processes)
  • quotations – preparation and sending quotations, including photographs, descriptions, product parameters
  • parametrisation for the purpose of order acceptance and valuation
  • sales representative settlements – defined algorithms calculating salaries and bonuses
  • support of telephone switchboards
  • support of online stores and B2B modules
  • mobile sales support using devices based on the Android system (telephone, tablet PC)
  • intrastat declaration support
  • EDI support – electronic document exchange
  • electronic signature support
  • customer file management
  • access to all information and analyses about the customer from customer sheet items
  • defining customer fields and characteristics, file attachments
  • sales management
  • defining procedures (stages) of sales
  • planning and recording of contact and task execution
  • constructing a sales “funnel”


  • ordering customer-related information and contacts
  • automating customer support processes
  • improved flow of information, tasks and documents
  • shorter order execution times and improved timings
  • improved efficiency of marketing activities
  • effective sales management
  • increased staff activity
  • creating sale standards
  • smaller expenses on administration and redirecting assets to “active sales”
  • improved work efficiency and quality
  • improved customer service
  • systematic acquisition of new customers
  • improved customer loyalty


is one of the modules of the complex VENDO.ERP solution. Usually cooperates with production and logistics systems. The module can be integrated with other areas of business activity, ensuring continuous information exchange between modules, and flow of tasks and documents influences the potential increase of sales efficiency significantly.

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