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VENDO.ERP Production

a modern solution for production management at each and every stage, from issuing an order, through technical production preparations, scheduling and continuous recording, down to settlements and reporting for purposes of the management.
This complex approach and the ability to supervise every single step of production enables reaching one of the most basic elements of customer satisfaction, namely timely order execution.


Planning is easy and quick with VENDO.ERP, even in the case of extremely expanded logistics and production processes and complex relationships between material deliveries.

VENDO.ERP allows not only complex, but also flexible plans to be prepared, in terms of reserves required to execute the task, but also in terms of accepted production schedules. This is possible thanks to continuous and efficient exchange of information regarding i.e.:

  • warehouse levels,
  • supplies,
  • staff availability,

or cost levels.

Full system integration enables quick and easy identification of values important from the point of view of the production process, such as:

  • balancing production capacity,
  • forecasting time demands,
  • use of individual machines,

or planning production costs.


Production schedules prepared during planning are presented as interactive Gantt graphs. This is a simple, yet transparent method of presentation of operations planned for individual positions, execution progress for individual tasks, currently performed work or current delays. Thanks to the use of customizable algorithms, the planning strategy may be strictly adapted to the individual needs of the company.

More about production scheduling …


Process execution recording by the staff (recording the number of executed operations and their duration, as well as materials used in the process) enables continuous control of progress of individual orders. This is particularly important in multi-stage production, executed by different teams.  Adaptation of the system to procedures or quality standards effective within the company shall enable continuous control, not only of the process progress, but also in terms of execution quality of individual components.


The goal of production settlement is to control resources used by the process compared to standards defined by the production technology. The system enables stock taking for raw materials and semi-ready products collected for specific workplaces. It also takes into account faulty elements and waste generated within the process. It analogously controls the time intended for execution of individual operations.

Data and calculations collected within the system are available as pre-defined reports. They provide a source of valuable information and a basis for further decision making.


VENDO.ERP enables designing simple production runs, as well as extremely complex technological processes, making the system usable in management of both unit and serial production.


      • defining multi-layer product structures, product technologies and alternative production routes
      • preparation of product quotations
      • issuing production orders
      • preparation of sub-orders for missing semi-ready products
      • maintaining a machine availability calendar
      • supervising the production schedule
      • graphical representation of production using Gantt graphs
      • production process automation
  • creation of Production Guides
  • continuous control and documentation of production stages
  • printing labels, operation of printers and barcode readers
  • substitute management
  • production settlement
  • forecasting material demand and preparation of raw material orders
  • preparation of production reports and efficiency reports
  • integration with quality management systems


  • more simple planning and production scheduling
  • more effective use of available resources
  • better organisation of work of individuals and teams
  • continuous control of executed tasks
  • quick corrections of accepted plans and order modifications
  • improved timings of executed orders
  • higher product quality
  • decreased costs


is one of the modules of the complex VENDO.ERP solution. The effectiveness of production processes executed using the module is a result of management effectiveness in all aspects of company activity related to: finances, staff, sales, logistics. The influence of these area on production capacity of the company is significant, thus the increase of production management efficiency requires a multi-dimensional look on the organisation as a whole.

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