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Production calculation

is associated mainly with the production process, and actually takes place within the sales department, during the quotation stage. It includes determination of an approximate order value based on the execution technology and according to criteria accepted for the given order.


The calculation prepared during an early stage is a technological one, which means that the value obtained as a result of the calculation is calculated on the basis of a data sheet for the given product or, if the product is not yet technologically described, on the basis of data used to create such a description.


Connections between individual modules included in VENDO.ERP and continuous flow of information between the modules make the calculation process fast and effective. Most data required for the evaluation (costs of individual materials and semi-ready products, labour costs, operation duration, etc.) is obtained from the system and automatically displayed in the calculation window, while the operator adds the missing values and verifies that the data is up to date. The system enables semi-automatic updates of basic, most frequently changing values, i.e. costs of raw materials, labour, partnerships.


A template containing formulas reflecting relationships between individual quantities and values is the basis for the calculation. The calculation is performed automatically, and the obtained results include all specified conditions. New templates used in calculations for new products may be created from scratch or based on already existing templates (templates can be configured without knowledge of programming). More complex templates, related to atypical calculations, may be developed and implemented into the system already at the implementation stage.

Ready calculations stored in the database may be sorted and filtered freely, according to the selected values and criteria. It allows to verify whether a product with similar or identical parameters has already been calculated before. Basing on historical data and using previously performed calculations largely facilitates and accelerates evaluations and thus – the entire quotation process.

It includes three values:

  • production cost determined during the calculation,
  • production cost calculated in details, taking into account the notes of the technologist.
  • the actual production cost.


An analysis of values summarised in the PreInpost report allows checking the quality of evaluation and its conformity with the actual state of affairs at any level of detail. Correct assignment of differences between individual values enables identification of problems and implementation of the required modifications, whether to the calculation or to the production itself.

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