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VENDO.ERP Logistics

is an intuitive and functional tool used in planning, executing and controlling of activities and processes related to warehouse management and supplies. Efficient logistics management automates and improves efficiency of individual activities, increasing efficiency of the flow of raw materials, materials, ready products and of related information. It facilitates planning of purchases and sales forecasting, contributes to optimisation of deliveries and allows warehouse documentation management.


Material flow within a company is a complex process, starting from procurement, through transport, storage, manipulation and release for production.

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VENDO.ERP enables correct planning of the flow of materials between individual units of the company, continuous supervision and control over the execution.


Automatic calculation of the minimum, maximum and optimal level of reserve stocks ensures continuous, uninterrupted operation, execution of the assumed orders and lower costs resulting from maintaining excessive levels of reserves.

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Analysis of the flow, of minimum and maximum levels, backorders and needs related to production orders enables very precise determination of demand and preparation of adequate requests for quotations and orders for further suppliers.


System integration ensures efficient flow of information between individual areas of business operation and continuous access to the current data, enabling correct decision making and reacting quickly.


VENDO.ERP enables warehouse operation in a manner making it possible to improve efficiency and decreasing the order execution time.

It allows simple and quick planning, organisation and coordination of operation of multiple teams.

It allows recording and control of individual tasks comprising warehousing processes.

It facilitates parametrisation of goods and preparation of algorithms related to their placement.

Automates and facilitates activities related to warehouse logistics, starting from acceptance of goods, to their release and stock taking.

It enables lot characteristics to be defined according to the selected criteria (e.g. colour, size) and their labelling, e.g. using barcodes, thus making full lot traceability possible.

Mobile operation using barcodes, data recorders and special kiosks decreases the number of mistakes warehouse operators make during acceptance of goods or when completing shipments.

Processing internal and external transport orders, creation of delivery notes and cooperation with systems of service providers allows the goods to be released and delivered according to the schedule, thus closing the entire order execution.

By optimising work of warehouse operators and the layout of stored goods it improves the efficiency of staff labour and makes full use of the warehouse area possible.


  • support for multiple warehouses
  • goods release records by LIFO, FIFO, FEFO, LEFO and from the indicated lot
  • definitions of advanced algorithms for lot acceptance and release
  • preparation of warehouse documents and maintaining a material file
  • goods reservations (“forward” and by lots)
  • support for label printers and barcode readers
  • settlements of bond-secured goods
  • support of serial numbers of goods and products,
  • full lot traceability
  • support of replacements and related goods
  • issuing shipment orders and delivery notes
  • support of the GS1 standard
  • preparation of warehouse analyses
  • dividing the warehouse into locations: location, aisle, rack, shelf
  • location parametrisation, e.g.: size, capacity
  • acceptance and issuing goods to the indicated warehouse locations
  • support of logistics units
  • storage location optimisation on the basis of defined algorithms
  • warehouse operator path optimisation
  • cooperation with data collecting entities


  • more efficient processing of acceptances, releases and stock taking
  • shorter order execution times
  • limiting errors and mistakes during goods acceptance and release
  • warehouse stock level optimisation
  • improved financial liquidity thanks to lower reserve levels and finances “frozen” therein
  • full use of warehouse space
  • more effective warehouse operation
  • lower costs related to losses caused by exceeded expiry dates, goods destruction or complaints
  • optimised use of human resources
  • actual identification of raw materials and products according to multiple criteria
  • simplified stock taking procedure

VENDO.ERP Logistics

may cooperate with other modules of the VENDO.ERP software. This integration enables automatic connections between quotations, goods reservations and order executions with appropriate information, data and files managed by the company within the system. Work organised in this way enables significant time savings and improved work efficiency.

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