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VENDO.ERP Finances

is a modern IT tool. Supports monitoring of receivables and obligations and of cash flow within the company. Automates basic operations, optimises processes and ensures that the requirements of the Act on accounting and of tax regulations are met.

VENDO.ERP Finances

ensures continuous access to current and reliable financial data of the company, thus allowing continuous control of not only cost elements, but also of other parameters, important from the point of view of the current business activity.


Automation of the simplest and the most often repeated activities is a simple way of decreasing the load of financial and accounting departments, at the same time eliminating potential errors and delayed payments. VENDO.ERP integration with banking systems guarantees automation of receivable settlements, allows efficient monitoring of receivables, preparation and sending payment requests, interest notes and activities related to widely understood debt recovery.

Multiple currencies

The system allows all accounting operations, including multiple currency accounting. In the case of companies using settlements in other currencies, it ensures automated calculations of exchange rate differences and automated payment valuation for accounts and foreign currency cashiers.


The collected and processed financial and accounting data may be obtained both from documents directly input into the accounting registers of the system, as well as from other, related modules of VENDO.ERP. Module integration results in common settlements for the sales and the accounting modules. A receivable settled by the accounting department disappears from the list of receivables in the sales module. A payment settled in the sales module is also settled in the accounting module. This ensures data cohesion and full, updated and account-verified information on debts.

VENDO.ERP Finances

Automates accounting processes within the company and enables the required reports and analyses to be defined and prepared efficiently.


Automatic decreeing

An account schedule and accounting templates defined correctly in VENDO.ERP ensure high levels of work comfort and enable automatic decreeing of most operations recorded in modules related to sales, warehouses, payments or production. Analysis of operation parameters, type, item and context of the document provides the basis for automatic decreeing.

Data presentation

Analysis and systematic presentation of data may have the form of a summary, report or balance. In addition to the basic report required by legislative bodies, in the form of revenues and balances, the system also offers a range of built-in analyses and reports. It also allows creation of own summaries based on accounting records and data included in the warehouse and sales system.



The system expanded with an optional Dimensions module provides a full, multi-dimensional picture of income and costs of the company, facilitating accounting and management control over the entire company. Dimensions include widely understood centres, where income and costs are generated. They may include: staff members, orders, projects, departments or objects. The system automatically manages accounting correctness of the accounting record dissected into individual dimensions. Dimensions cooperate with the Accounting Ledger of the company, but they need not be a formal-accounting-tax part of it, it can be only a managerial part of the Ledger.


Fixed assets

VENDO.ERP enables stock taking of current fixed assets, intangible fixed assets and of equipment. It allows recording of all changes to the assets of the company (purchases, sales, change of value) and generates depreciation plans, calculating depreciation on a monthly basis.


  • supports receivables and obligations
  • management of cash and bank registers
  • VAT record management
  • multiple currency support and management
  • automatic settlement of currency rate differences
  • VAT register management
  • JPK support
  • management of credit limits and payment deadlines for customers
  • settlements of FV payments and invoices for purchased goods and other costs
  • generating payment requests and interest notes
  • e-Deklaracje (e-Declaration) support
  • pre-payment settlements
  • payment analyses
  • cooperation with electronic banking systems
  • e-invoice support
  • supports payment requests, interest calculations and debt recovery
  • multi-level analytical accounts
  • easy defining of flexible accounting patterns
  • automatic accounting, purchase invoices, sale invoices, warehouse documents, cashier and bank reports
  • integrated settlements: accounting – sales module
  • defined accounting reports: balance, result balance, financial flows, other
  • periodic accounting templates
  • fixed assets and depreciation stock taking
  • “dimensions” category definitions
  • reports and analyses by dimension


  • quick and easy document stocktaking
  • automation of repeated and work-demanding activities
  • ordering financial and accounting data
  • easy and quick access to information
  • guaranteed conformity with effective regulations
  • continuous updates of input data
  • information form enabling reliable analysis

VENDO.ERP Finances

is an excellent tool for managing company finances. Enables integration of all financial data and information related to effectiveness of processes executed within the company. Its correct functioning requires strict cooperation with systems responsible for supporting other areas of business, continuous exchange or sharing information and access to current and updated documents.

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