Subsidising investments in Greater Poland

RPO 1.5.2 Reinforcing competition in key areas of regional economy – is a programme opening subsidiaries for investments in fixed assets, as well as in licences and patent rights contributing to innovative changes in the enterprise.

Competition deadline:
from 6th August to 28th September 2018.

Project objective:

The program intends to support enterprises implementing technological, process or product innovations (an opinion on innovation should be attached to the application, confirming the type and scale of the innovation).

Preferred projects:

  • implementing internal or purchased results of research and development works,
  • thanks to which new/improved products or services will be added to the offer of the Applicant,
  • in the following areas: food production and processing, biotechnology, industrial processes, machinery production and repairs, material science, metallurgy, chemistry, furniture production, IT, automobile sector,
  • taking into account use of IT and communication services.

Who can apply?

Small and medium-sized enterprises.

What can be co-funded?

  • purchases of fixed assets – machines, devices, production equipment,
  • intangible and fixed assets – patent rights, licences, technology transfers, know-how, software purchase.

What is the value of the subsidiary?

A subsidiary between 50,000 and 5,000,000 PLN may be obtained within the project.

What part of a project can be subsidised?

35% or 45%.

How to start?

Contact your mentor or write to
Present your investment plans.
Agree to a verification.

We would like to remind you that procedures and formalities related to applications may be entrusted to our partner INTERLOGIC.

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