is a solution enabling transformation of data related to different areas of business activity and collected within the system, as well as presenting it in the form of legible and easily analysed reports, providing a source of knowledge and a basis for decision making.

Pre-defined reports

Pre-defined reports built into individual VENDO.ERP modules cover sales, warehousing, production and accounting. A few or more reports are available in each of the aforementioned areas. Each of the reports presents a different aspect of activity and includes different values or selection criteria. The large number of available summaries and their differences allow the optimal report to be selected for the given purpose.


VENDO.ERP enables connection to data available in the database using a spreadsheet, e.g. Excel. Use of this solutions enables wider reporting options and creation of customised summaries, report or movable tables not defined within the system on the basis of so called views.


  • sales cross-analyses – by customer, region, sales representative, product, product group, months
  • staff work engagement reports – by the number of issued documents, sales volume, margin, number of executed contracts
  • revenue analysis – analysis of warehouse revenue for the given period of time, for selected warehouses and product groups
  • warehouse – reporting for stock levels and warehouse values for the given day, by supplier, warehouse revenues, searching for overdue products
  • printouts – printouts of transactions, price lists, stock lists, etc.
  • cost analysis – analysis of costs for sales, production, widely understood service, cross-analyses
  • payment forecasts – forecasting the level of funds for the given day
  • order generation – generating orders for suppliers on the basis of sales generated during the specified period of time
  • receivables – browsing and printing overdue payments from partners, overdue payment requests, interest notes
  • production – staff efficiency reports, reports for actual costs of production execution, order settlements
  • export of analyses and reports to MS Excel
  • database access directly from spreadsheets (e.g. MS Excel, Open Office).


  • control over key areas of business operation
  • data correctness guarantee
  • high precision of analysed costs
  • little time required for preparation of reports and analyses
  • continuous control of costs and cost settlement support
  • quick access to managerial information
  • ability to make better decisions
  • ability to undertake corrective actions faster


is an element of the complex VENDO.ERP solution present in all basic modules corresponding to the areas of business operation. Reports and analyses prepared using the module use data input into and stored within the system. Precision and the level of detail of prepared summaries thus depends on the quality and number of data available in the system.

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